Hello!  Welcome to our travel blog.  We’re Brooke Snelling and Alicia Wilson-Barthes, and we’ve been traveling together since we were assigned as roommates abroad in 2006. We’ve had some pretty amazing adventures – from New Orleans to Panama to London – with many more on the horizon.

As a way to preserve these memories, and to get a bit of our writing wiggles out, we decided to blog about our trips.  We also have extremely talented friends and family who also love to see the world, and some (or more than some) may also post here from time to time (many also make reoccurring appearances in our adventures).

Brooke has lived in Portland, Oregon, since 2007.  She loves running, cooking, skiing, King Charles Spaniels, and color-coded travel spreadsheets.  She spends her workdays dominating the product marketing world, and her non-traveling “down-time” opining on her blog, Brooks and Stones, and sharing her delicious recipes at Cinderella’s Kitchen.

Alicia and her husband, Brendan, moved from Portland to Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, at the end of 2017.  She enjoys eating Brooke’s cooking, chillin’ in the ski lodge with spiked beverages while Brooke skies, snuggling Brooke’s dogs, and relying on Brooke’s color-coded spreadsheets.  She also loves road trips with her hubby, history, current events, and great books.  She is gobbling up her time in the Balkans and plans to visit every country in the region by the time their stint in Bosnia is up.

Brooke & Alicia
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