The Tail-End of Leaf Peeping Season: Pennsylvania & New York

While living in Portland, Oregon, my husband, Brendan, and I spent a lot of time exploring the Pacific Northwest – from the Olympic National Forest to the Oregon Coast to the Wallowas – and had been wanting to do the same for New England.  Timing was always a challenge, though.  So last October, when a friend announced he was getting married in Pittsburgh, we decided to tack a couple days onto the trip to drive through upstate Pennsylvania and New York and do a bit of exploring.  The wedding was a raging success – happy couple, excellent food and drinks, and a full night of shaking our booties on the dance floor at LeMont.  A few of us even snuck in a quick ride on the incline mid-festivities.

Allegheny State Park
Heading into Allegheny State Park
A Slice of the 80s in Bradford, Bradford, Pennsylvania
A Slice of the 80s in Bradford, Bradford, Pennsylvania
Letchworth State Park
Letchworth State Park
The sun was setting as we left the park, so we traded the scenic way for the highway and decamped in Seneca Falls for the night.
Skaneateles Bakery
Ithica, New York
Buttermilk Falls, New York

While driving out of town we passed a sign for Buttermilk Falls.  Curious, we pulled into the parking lot and opened gawked at this monster, rushing waterfall.


We climbed the well-marked paths and stairs up and around the falls.  It was an unexpected treat – not only to discover this place, but also to stretch our legs and work our lungs before jumping back in the car.

We finished our scenic route with the gorgeous Taughannock Falls, the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi.

Taughannock Falls

Time was up, though.  We snapped a few photos, jumped back in the car and headed back to Pittsburgh for our early Tuesday morning flight home.  These whirlwind road trips continue to be our favorite weekend activity, and this one in particular was one of the best!

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